martes, diciembre 09, 2008

Entrada número 50. Vamos a celebralo.

The Judging Eye

Reino Unido -> 15 de enero
Estados Unidos -> 5 de febrero

The action takes place about two decades following the events of The Thousandfold Thought. After years of planning and preparations, Anasûrimbor Kellhus, now Aspect-Emperor of the Three Seas and the God of Gods, has gathered the greatest host ever assembled. The Great Ordeal is marching toward Golgotterath to destroy the Consult and prevent the return of the No-God. Esmenet, the Empress, must rule this vast empire during her husband's absence. But with the mighty Aspect-Emperor gone, hostile factions opposing the throne and heresy arise. The Cult of Yatwer becomes a thorn in her side, and tension escalates when rumors regarding the legendary White-Luck Warrior begin to circulate. The Demon hiding in the guise of the Aspect-Emperor, or so they claim, will be driven to his doom. And when murder is committed within the palace grounds, Esmenet realizes that the Consult's skin-spies are not the only enemies she must worry about.

Drusas Achamian, the only Wizard of the Three Seas, is forced to bring his self-imposed exile to an end when an unanticipated visitor seeks him out. Compelled by Seswatha's Dreams of the First Apocalypse, Achamian is bent on discovering the secrets of the Dûnyain, convinced that therein lies the key to uncovering the truth about Kellhus's past. The only knowledge revealed by the Dreams thus far is the name Ishuäl. Hiring the services of a band of Sranc Scalpers known as the Skin Eaters to guide and protect him through their long trek through the wilds, Achamian wishes to travel to the ruins of Sauglish, where ancient knowledge pertaining to Ishuäl might be found in the Sohonc Coffers.

Salivando estoy...


Blogger Knut said...

Ya te digo.

Joer qué ansias malsanas más grande, especialmente por el segundo párrafo.


9:40 a. m., diciembre 10, 2008  
Blogger Daniel Gonzalo said...

A ver si hay suerte y Timun Más lo trae rápido.

Un saludo

11:46 p. m., diciembre 14, 2008  

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