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The steel remains acabado

Richard Morgan ha actualizado su blog y ha anunciado que ha finalizado The steel remains.

Copio y pego:

So it's done - The Steel Remains is signed sealed and delivered, now awaiting proof and continuity check. UK publication August '08, US dates t.b.a. My first stab (or should that be hack?) at fantasy. Or should that be Sword and Sorcery? Or New Odd High Fantasy? Weird Old Epic Noir, anybody? Low Epic Fantasy? That last has got a nice ring to it - especially as, hey wait, look; people who practice it in three book form could call themselves Low Epic Fantasy Trilogy writers - or LEFTists! Hahaha!!!

Ahem. 'scuse me. Bit demob happy right now.

It is a fair question, though. Beyond the general issue of genre sub-division and infighting (see my guest editorial in the Worldcon edition of Postscripts magazine later in the year for a rant on this), there is a vague worry hanging over me as to how I'm going to describe The Steel Remains if asked. This isn't because I care much myself, but I'd hate to think of people buying the book and diving in under the assumption that this stuff is like Tolkein (or like China Miéville, or like Jeff VanderMeer for that matter) and getting a nasty shock when they hit the water. Had enough of that with all those dyed-in-the-wool Kovacs fans who hated Black Man because their expectations weren't met. So...


Look - it's like this: if you really, really love Tolkein with a firmly burning uncritical passion, then there's a good chance The Steel Remains is going to upset you. If you really, really love all those stories about simple, good-hearted farm-boys becoming princes or wizards, then there's a good chance The Steel Remains is going to upset you as well. And if you like your heroes masculine, muscular and morally upright, well, then you could be in serious trouble as well.

Oh, yeah, and if you really think that "things were better" at some unspecified pre-modern point in human history then you'd really be wasting your time with this one.

If, on the other hand, you're up for a bit of moral ambiguity and a fistful of darkly dysfunctional characters, natural and supernatural, then this book is for you. If you think that an era in which people resolved their differences with bits of sharp steel was probably not a very nice time to be alive, then welcome to the retro-dystopic vision of The Steel Remains. Noir fantasy? Low fantasy? Dunno - all I can tell you is that it deserves a soundtrack by the Rolling Stones; Street Fighting Man, Gimme Shelter, Respectable, Jumping Jack Flash and Sympathy for the Devil - at the very least.

Oh yeah, and stop press - Nightshade's message boards are back up at their revamped site. Been over already for a chat with Jeremy and others. See you there.

Para los que no sepan inglés...pues que se..digo, que aprendan.


Anonymous Anónimo said...

No puedo opinar sobre Morgan como autor porque aún tengo en la pila "Leyes de Mercado" que espero leer no dentro de mucho, pero me ha entrado el gusanillo. La verdad es que me ha gustado lo que comenta. A ver si lo vemos pronto traducido por estos lares.

7:34 p. m., febrero 27, 2008  

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